The Akinator- "20 Questions"
You think of a famous person, (yes, they must be world famous). They can be modern or historical. Then the genie starts asking you questions. You answer yes, no, probably or probably not, and by 20 questions, he guesses who were thinking of. The trick is understanding what he's asking because it's in Spanish! :)

Mind Snack Spanish
Warning! This is a VERY addicting game! Students can learn, hear, and play games in Spanish in a format similar to Angry and addicting! It's only available on ipad/iphone/ipod.
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El Mejor Ahorcado ($.99)
We all get bored and like to play games on our phones. El Mejor Ahorcado "The Best Hangman," will keep your entertained while also teaching you new Spanish words on the go.

Learn Spanish with was made to supplement the user with the needed vocabulary and lessons even when he or she is on the go. Both basic and advanced vocabulary are available in this app as well as on babbel’s official website. This app houses 3,000 vocabulary words complete with images, pronunciations, and sentence examples.
Working offline is also possible with this app, as well as practicing your pronunciation with the app’s integrated speech recognition.
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Turns any picture into just words!
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