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Sunday is the highest energy use day of the week for your home, when everyone is home, watching the game, doing chores and spending time as a family, (and using a lot of light and energy). We give you "Passive Solar Sunday," more than a catchy phrase...a movement that has gone global, to reduce energy waste and ozone depletion.
Follow us on Twitter: @PassiveSolarSun #PassiveSolarSundayFollow us on FaceBook: #PassiveSolarSundaySCROLL DOWN FOR AN IN-DEPTH LOOK OF HOW WE DID IT:

GRASSROOTS: WINNING ROUND 2 OF THE LEXUS ECO CHALLENGE1.CAMPUS: We started small, creating signs to advertise at our school, included it on the school website, and in the online newsletter2.COMMUNITY: We created a partnership with the Estates of McKinney (and their 3 sister properties in 3 other cities), with over 412 units and over 1,000 residents, to advertise Passive Solar Sunday at the complex with signage, flyers and a door-knocking campaign3.COMMUNITY: We created a partnership with DOMINO’S PIZZA, who put flyers on all the pizza orders that go out on Sundays, to remind citizens to participate.4.COMMUNITY: We created a partnership with LITTLE CEASER’s PIZZA, BROOKLY’s PIZZA and PALM BEACH TAN, who put up a flyer in the store to encourage people to join our movement on Twitter5.COMMUNITY: We created a partnership with our local Kroger Signature store, who put up a framed advertisement at their Deli Section to create awareness.6.COMMUNITY: We tweeted the heck out of news stations until they gave us a shout out on Twitter, re-tweeted and favorited our movement, on WFAA Channel 8. 7.NATIONWIDE/GLOBAL (see list below video of specific people and notable groups who have shown their support and joined the #PassiveSolarSunday movement): We tweeted over 1,000 tweets to celebrities, politicians, universities, organizations, state/national government, companies and regular ‘ole joes, IN SPANISH AND IN ENGLISH to create awareness, and it TOOK OFF!

NATIONAL INVITATIONAL ROUND LEXUS ECO CHALLENGE HIGHLIGHTSPOLITICAL: Through our meetings with Congressman Sam Johnson, and Senator Ken Paxton, they put us in touch with Representative Scott Sanford, who we've conferenced with, and he is guiding us through the legislative process to propose Passive Solar Sunday in the next legislative session in January 2015! It's exciting that our project could have lasting social imprints for the entire state of Texas!POLITICAL: After meeting with Mayor Brian Loughmiller of McKinney, he is drafting a resolution to deem Passive Solar Sunday a designated day of the year for McKinney so our project has continuity in our community!UNIVERSITY: After receiving support from Princeton University in New Jersey who is a huge fan of Passive Solar Sunday, we set our goals on universities who have signed the American Council on Climate Change, and have a Presidential Climate Commitment. We found that Austin College in Sherman, TX had a goal of having a zero carbon footprint by 2020, and we met with them at Austin College. We received expert advice on our project from faculty experts in environmental science, and engineering, and Austin College adopted Passive Solar Sunday into their sustainability portfolio that they will promote on their campus! :)UNIVERSITY: We also received support and a commitment to Passive Solar Sunday from the University of Lagos in Nigeria, and the University of Law in the UK.IN THE NEWS: Passive Solar Sunday has been highlighted multiple times by WFAA's Shelly Slater and Ron Corning in the Morning, and NBC5's Gloria Campos! They helped us get the word out on social media as well, by re-tweeting, "liking" and favoriting us on Facebook and Twitter.ON LOCAL TV: Passive Solar Sunday was highlighted on Studio M, a local McKinney television show. See the clip here:ON NATIONAL TV: The team was chosen to be highlighted on a national series that premieres this summer called GENERATION: HERO! They will be in episode 4- "Protecting Our Resources."SOCIAL MEDIA: We reached over 5,000,000 twitter members on Twitter, including celebrities, politicians, government offices, universities and organizations and businesses dedicated to sustainability and we sent approximately 2,000 tweets! Phew! :) Talk about a global awareness campaignSOCIAL MEDIA: We received over 11,000 clicks to our Facebook Page and 236 "likes" in just a week, during our paid Facebook Campaign to get the word out!

GRASSROOTS PHASE 1- Winning the Air & Climate Round of the Lexus Eco Challenge:

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NATIONAL-GLOBAL PHASE 2-Our Submission to National Invitational Round of the Lexus Eco Challenge:

  • Do Something Canada (Canada) 436
  • (New York City, NY) 675,395
  • Do Something UK (UK) 13,868
  • Britannia Comms (London, Edinburg, Geneva, Beijing, Washington) 59,237
  • Ad Council (USA) 13,397
  • Planetario de Pamplona (Spain) 3,350
  • VolunTEEN Nation (St. Louis, MO) 15,325
  • We Are The Change 52----à 781,060
  • Wynonna Judd (Nashville, TN) 60,499
  • Cody Linley (LA, CA) 172,153
  • David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place) 2,677,663
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (OKC, OK) 667,979
  • Flor Schoonhoven, Online Personality (Oslo, Norway) 26,819
  • Marti King Young, Director/Producer (TN) 725 --à3,605,838
News Outlets:
  • NBC DFW Channel 5 News 55,615
  • WFAA Channel 8 News anchors- Gloria Campos 9,658, Ron Corning 12,013, Teresa Woodard 2,092 and Shelly Slater 11,728
  • FOX4 News- Jenny Anchondo 9,887 and Clarice Tinsley 6,819
  • CBS11- Jeff Jamison 5,616
  • #MLB Nation staff writer David W. Cash 5,753
  • Newsgram; St. Louis City Employee News 978 ---à 110,272
Universities and other schools:
  • University of Law (UK) 18,365
  • University of Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria) 1,529
  • Sam Houston State (Huntsville, TX) 10,024
  • Austin College (Sherman, TX) 1,645
  • Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) 86,104à 117,647
Energy Front:
  • Pavegen Systems (London, England) 3,125
  • Energy Star Buildings (Washington, D.C.) 10,428
  • Siemen’s Energy (Worldwide) 73,019
  • The Daily Energy Report (San Francisco, CA) 20,304
  • Global Green USA (Santa Monica, CA) 29,565
  • EcoSolary (Irvine, CA) 1,703
  • The Solar Company (Bay Area, CA) 11,944
  • (CA) 34,585
  • Ecolibrium Solar (Athens, OH) 990
  • Sun Power Plug (Big Sky Country, MT) 3,041
  • Green Mountain Energy (Austin, TX) 1,878
  • Ganaderia, Mexico (Mexico) 214,691
  • EcoTech Institute (Aurora/Denver, CO) 237
  • Reusable Revolution (Las Vegas, NV) 69
  • ReWorks (NY) 756
  • Boston Eco (Boston, MA) 2,806
  • New Buildings Inst. (Vancouver, WA) 1,007
  • Mint Energy (Burlington, MA) 765
  • Patriot Energy Group (Massachusetts) 1,145à 412,058

Cities and Other Government Agencies:
  • U.S. Dept. of the Interior (Washington, D.C.) 132,477
  • City of Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) 13,746à 146,223

For more info please contact Mrs. Church, the team's advisor,