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Movie Talk- Alma

Don Quixote Cartoon- references to the novel
The verb "ir" used with places

Conjugations of the verb "ir" (this is NOT the same video as above...just has the same video icon)

Teacher who turns rapper that gets the verb "ir" stuck in your head

The Dream Act- A look at legislation that addresses undocumented youth

Telling Time in Spanish

Mexico D.F. Song

Conjugating Regular -ar Verbs

Extra Credit T-shirt Project
"Ser and gustar"

Skype in the Classroom
"Cultural Exchanges, Language Exchanges, Guest Speakers From Around the World, Parent Conferences and Absent Students Attending Class via Skype"

Voki in the Classroom
"Taking the Stress out of Oral Tests"

"What is Voki?"

Skype en la clase
"Skyping with Chile"

Skype en la clase
"Skyping with Costa Rica"

Nathan's Extra Credit
"One Semester of Spanish Love Song Re-Make"

Basic Food Chapter Vocabulary
"Food Song With Words"

Days of the Week in Spanish
"Lunes, Martes, Miercoles..." (to the tune of pop goes the weasel)