Who is Mrs. Church?

I hate to brag, but I can make minute rice in 30 seconds...I know the exact location of Carmen SanDiego...I CAN believe it's not butter...I can win a game of Connect Four in 3 moves...and it was me who let the dogs out! :) Okay, okay, you have a sense of humor if you're still reading...good, you'll need it! I use to be Miss. Hall, but am now married to my wonderful husband Jason.
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I'm very blessed to have 3 handsome boys to raise...I have a cool son who is a professional actor and basketball player, Jackson, who will be 12 in September...
and my husband has a cool football (and pretty much any other sport) son, Ryan, who is 11...
Together, we have a very mischevious son, Cameron, who is 2 years old. :)
And we love to travel the world and do crazy things together as a family...here, we are doing SUB scuba together on the bottom of the ocean floor in the Bahamas in the Hollywood Bowl (where they copied the topography for Finding Nemo)!

I know what you're thinking...you see the blonde hair, the blue eyes, and you think, "She speaks Spanish?" (You should hear my country accent!) :) Yes sir-ee bobski! I'm from a small town in Red Oak, and my Spanish teacher was a lady who didn't speak Spanish, with braces that wired her mouth shut...so you can guess how much Spanish I learned in high school. Unfortunately, it set me up for instant failure in college Spanish. I was acing college biology and policy, but failing Spanish 101. So my parents and I decided to take an opportunity to spend some time abroad in Costa Rica, where I could take Spanish for a month and get rid of all my Spanish credits and be done with it forever. That couldn't have been further from what happened. Being immersed in the culture and language of Costa Rica changed my life. I ended up minoring in Spanish, (with an A average, I might add), and while taking time off after college graduation to study for the MCAT (it's like the SAT for Medical School), I decided to take a teaching job "in the meantime..." but I was instantly hooked.

I have been many things...a carhop at Sonic, (never did well on the roller skates), a waitress at Cracker Barrel, (loved their tea), a Gymnast/Competition Cheerleading Coach/Gym Owner, Actress, Professional Salsa Dancer, Hip Hop Choreographer, Digital Artist, Magazine Sales, Health Food Sales, Marketing Director, Nutraceuticals Research & Development, National Medical Sales Director and of course, a Teacher, but of all these things, the job that gives me the most and allows me to give the most, is teaching.

This is my 10th year to teach, all levels of Spanish, Pre-Spanish, Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, and AP Spanish Language. I am confident that you will get everything you're looking for, and even what you didn't know you were looking for, but will no doubt be a better learner for it. You are on the path to becoming a Spanish ninja...and when you reach the top of that mountain, it will be a view worth working so very hard for.

Free-climbing "Chief's Penthouse" over Lake Tahoe